AT&T teamed with UK-based Arm subsidiary Kigen to help enterprises streamline supply chains and improve access to integrated SIM capabilities, a move bolstering the US operator’s IoT offering.

In a statement, the pair remarked their work aims to help enterprises seeking to use SIM, eSIM and integrate SIM (iSIM). AT&T will tap Kigen’s SIM OS for data generation and management services across its LTE, LTE-M and NB-IoT networks.

The companies believe the partnership will make easier for new and established players to adopt cellular IoT in their devices sooner, as well as future-proofing them for 5G.

In the past, device manufacturers had to purchase multiple SIM SKUs for each end customer or market, “which complicated global product rollouts”, they stated.

AT&T and Kigen believe accessing a new cache of SIMs compatible with mobile chipsets and secure integrated circuit vendors offers additional flexibility and “results in supply chain optimisation”.

Kigen CEO Vincent Korstanje said “scale is both cellular IoT’s most significant opportunity and hurdle”.

“Removing the complications of placing security at the heart of IoT devices so that businesses can focus on accelerating their products is key,” he added.