AT&T reportedly targeted a segment of customers which want to tap faster 5G speeds at a cheaper price point while using their own handsets with a value-tier tariff.

Light Reading reported the Value Plus plan costs less than AT&T’s other unlimited offerings targeted at multiple users and families, at $50 per month for a single 5G line offering text, data and voice, though the operator may slow data rates if its network is busy.

Standard-definition streaming is included, but mobile hotspot capabilities are not.

An AT&T representative told Mobile World Live the tariff launched earlier this month to tap an “increase in market demand for access to a lower price point for unlimited post-paid, particularly for single lines and customers who prefer to bring their own devices”.

Roger Entner, founder and lead analyst at Recon Analytics noted the tariff is “focused on a small, budget conscious BYOD customer segment”, a group which “has traditionally chosen T-Mobile [US] and premium prepaid plans”.

He added it was unusual AT&T kept the fanfare over the plan’s launch to a minimum, speculating the operator may be trying to avoid drawing a response from T-Mobile.

Entner noted subscribers won’t have access to future handset promotions from AT&T without switching to a different, more expensive plan.