AT&T adds 5G data plans for non-phone devices

AT&T adds 5G data plans for non-phone devices

05 MAY 2021

AT&T launched two new plans that offer 5G data for non-smartphone devices like tablets, hotspots and cellular-enabled laptops, a move that comes two weeks after Apple unveiled the first 5G-enabled iPad.

AT&T calls its new data plans DataConnect 25GB and DataConnect 40GB. The 25GB plan will cost $50 per month, before taxes and fees, and the 40GB plan will cost $75 per month. Customers need to sign up for autopay and paperless billing to access that pricing.

AT&T said it launched the new plans to make it easier for customers to work and study remotely.

The new data plans also take advantage of AT&T’s recently announced security bundle, which it calls ActiveArmor. The operator boasts more than 1,000 security patents, and says it has now combined its proprietary solutions with apps that enable features like device security and data breach alerts.

The US operator recently said its 5G network now covers 230 million Americans in 14,000 cities and towns.



Martha DeGrasse

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