VIDEO INTERVIEW: The US needs to come up with a “long term plan for spectrum”, urged AT&T Mobility CEO Glenn Lurie, with demand set to continue to rise as more devices become connected.

Lurie, speaking to Mobile World Live, confirmed AT&T’s participation in next year’s incentive auction, adding that operators and the FCC need to “put a plan in place for spectrum that goes way out”.

“The government understands this. The demand will not stop and it will be a journey. As wireless enables everything, we will continual to re-evaluate our spectrum portfolio… but without question, we are going to need more.”

Lurie also addressed the topic of 5G, urging caution on the increasing PR around the technology worldwide, while maintaining the US – and AT&T –  will be in the middle of its development when the time comes.

“I wouldn’t say we’re quiet on 5G, but the standards aren’t done,” he said. “4G is still really good and I want to make sure we don’t keep talking about something that is still four or five years away.”

Also on the agenda was AT&T’s efforts around IoT, and Lurie’s thoughts on how 5G, however premature, can develop to facilitate a world of even more connected devices.

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