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ARM places focus on AI for its next mobile chips

21 MAR 2017

SoftBank-owned ARM unveiled DynamIQ, a new technology it said will lay the foundation for its next generation of mobile processor chips.

The company said the technology, which it is currently previewing, is “a monumental shift in multi-core microarchitecture for the industry”, and was developed to address the demand for “ubiquitous AI, autonomous systems, and accelerating the integration of virtual worlds to a mixed reality experience”.

ARM explained its next generation of chips will be powered by its Cortex-A processors, embedded with DynamIQ technology, and will be designed to be flexible and versatile, allowing for easy configuration.

It will also enable manufacturers to connect together across a greater range of devices on a common, secure platform.

Furthermore, ARM said it expects the processors can be optimised to deliver up to a “50x boost in AI performance over the next 3-5 years”, without going into detail of what this exactly means.

“DynamIQ technology will be pervasive in our cars, our homes, and of course our smartphones as well as countless other connected devices where machine learning is applied to the zettabytes of data they generate – both within the cloud and at the device level – advancing AI for a more natural and intuitive user experience,” said Nandan Nayampally, GM of ARM compute products group.

ARM did not give an exact date for when the technology will be available, but said it expects hardware partners to ship 100 billion ARM based chips by 2021.


Kavit Majithia

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