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Apple hits back on parental control apps allegation

29 APR 2019

Apple rejected claims by The New York Times (NYT) it removed parental control services from its App Store to promote its own Screen Time feature, stating it took the action due to security concerns.

The newspaper stated Apple removed 11 of the 17 most popular apps used by parents to limit the time their children spend on devices, once it had launched a similar service on iOS.

NYT also said two developers filed complaints against Apple with the European Union.

Apple defended itself in a statement: “Contrary to what The New York Times reported over the weekend, this isn’t a matter of competition. It’s a matter of security.”

It explained the apps it dropped use “a highly invasive technology” called Mobile Device Management, which gives third parties control and access over a device, along with sensitive information including user location, email accounts, camera permissions and browsing history.

Apple said it gave developers 30 days to fix the issue and removed apps from those which didn’t adhere to its warning.



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