Apple added to its spate of sustainability-linked announcements made this month, outlining a series of 2025 targets including using exclusively recycled cobalt in its batteries and greener materials for circuit boards.

By 2025 the iPhone maker plans to meet its cobalt target, alongside using entirely recycled rare earth elements in magnets, and using only recycled tin soldering and gold plating in its Apple-designed printed circuit boards.

The cobalt battery pledge applies to Apple-designed units.

Last year, a quarter of cobalt used in new Apple devices was 100 per cent recycled, up from 13 per cent in 2021. It did not break down how much of this was used in its own batteries, but noted it was a “significant majority” of overall use.

In 2022, the iPhone maker’s use of 100 per cent recycled earth elements in its products leapt from 45 per cent to 73 per cent, as it continued to up the proportion of sustainable materials used in its electronics.

Apple has a goal of making carbon neutral products by 2030 as part of a company-wide initiative to cut its environmental impact. Its VP for environment, policy, and social initiatives Lisa Jackson said it was working towards its goals “with urgency”.

The announcement is the latest in a series made by Apple, which earlier this week expanded a carbon removal fund, having already released an update on renewable energy use from its manufacturing partners in early April.