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Apple $7B behind on royalty payments – Qualcomm

29 OCT 2018

Qualcomm accused Apple of owing it $7 billion in royalty payments for use of its protected technology, Reuters reported, as a long-running spat between the companies showed no sign of abating.

The claim came during a federal court hearing in San Diego, which is hosting the latest US legal battle between the two. There are several other ongoing cases covering a number of markets and jurisdictions.

Last month Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf mooted an end to the row may be in sight, stating both sides had an incentive to settle. However, the latest statement and ongoing court battles would seem to suggest otherwise.

Apple and its partners are holding back royalty payments Qualcomm said the manufacturer owes, due to what it believes are unfair licensing practices.

During the numerous court hearings and submissions a number of other accusations have surfaced, including Qualcomm claiming Apple is sharing trade secrets with Intel, and attempts to have the sale of some iPhones prohibited in the US.

The iPhone manufacturer maintains Qualcomm charges unfair patent charges, including essentially charging twice for use of the same technology.

It previously moved to have some of Qualcomm’s patents invalidated as it said they don’t cover new ideas, a motion the chip manufacturer wants thrown out by judges hearing its current case in the US.



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