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Amon calls for autonomous car drivers

07 JAN 2022

Qualcomm president and CEO Cristiano Amon (pictured, right) argued the case for greater vehicle connectivity, citing potential benefits to public safety and cutting congestion.

In a fireside chat during CES 2022, Amon called for greater government backing for vehicle connectivity. He noted advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are as important a safety feature as airbags and called for action on connecting vehicles to each other along with roadside infrastructure including traffic lights.

Pressing the safety angle, Amon noted the US government set a precedent by requiring GPS chips in smartphones to help emergency services locate users.

During the session, US Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg highlighted government efforts to enhance autonomous vehicle safety, including establishing testing standards and monitoring accident reports.

Buttigieg said his department intends to evaluate and address “potential consequences of automation for the workforce”, while also highlighting the impact autonomous technologies could have on the logistics industry when deployed in heavy goods vehicles.



Martha DeGrasse

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