Bharti Airtel urged Indian regulator TRAI to take action against rival Reliance Jio for openly continuing with an offer it was told to discontinue, The Economic Times (ET) reported.

Jio was told to drop its Summer Special discount by TRAI last week. Following the ruling, the operator said it would take a few days to implement the withdrawal across its sales channels and it would be done as soon as “operationally feasible”.

However, Airtel is unhappy the offer wasn’t suspended immediately. In a statement to the ET, it said Jio was still running an aggressive campaign on social media and other channels to promote the deal.

In response, Jio maintained it kept within the bounds of TRAI’s order.

This is far from being the first occasion the two have locked horns since Jio launched services in September 2016.

In February, Airtel filed a complaint with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) complaining about Jio’s “predatory pricing” and accusing the company of abusing its dominant position – brought about by its relation to one of India’s largest firms, Reliance Industries.

Previously, Airtel had complained to TRAI about Jio’s continuing offers.

In November, Jio filed its own complaint to the CCI, accusing Airtel – and the country’s other leading operators – of abusing their market position and stifling competition.