Advertising boss says brands now flocking to mobile

Advertising boss: “We need 70-80% mobile revenue in 2-3 years or we’re in real trouble”

30 APR 2013

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Paul Gunning, chief executive of interactive ad agency Tribal DDB, says consumer brands are now embracing mobile to such an extent that up to 80 per cent of his company’s revenue could be driven by mobile in the next two years.

“Last year felt like a massive turning point,” he told Mobile World Live in a recent interview. “This year, mobile is at the heart of almost every one of our clients’ media and advertising objectives.”

Tribal, which studies consumer behaviour around the world, reports a “ferocious appetite” for mobile in the Asia-Pacific, European and North American markets.

And while the Latin American, African and Middle Eastern markets tend to be SMS-focused – which Gunning believes can also be used to his clients’ advantage – he says smartphone usage in these regions is also growing rapidly.

Tribal’s clients come from various industry sectors, including retail, financial and automotive. Gunning flags up McDondald’s, however, as one of the most mobile-savvy clients that Tribal has. “They are doing everything, from mobile websites to mobile promotions, as well as mobile ordering using QR codes,” he said.

The chief executive reckons the majority of Tribal’s revenue will come from mobile this year, as this is where the growth is. “Quite frankly, if we’re not 70 or 80 per cent in terms of [mobile] revenue in the next 2 or 3 years, I think we’re going to be in real trouble.”

View the full video interview here.


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