ABI Research argued systems integrators must consider more than just mobile technologies when pitching to enterprise customers, warning the window of opportunity to provide 5G services is closing.

Leo Gergs, senior analyst for private networks and enterprise connectivity, stated systems integrators should prepare a range of services to meet the demands of specific business sectors, while ensuring they do not put potential customers off with high upfront investment costs.

“These include vertical-specific applications and security mechanisms that give enterprises the much-needed assurance of a protected network.”

Gergs explained the companies must “provide true end-to-end connectivity” services, because enterprises “are not primarily interested in deploying 5G connectivity per se”.

This includes fully embracing “network-as-a-service or even business outcome-as-a-service”, he stated.

ABI Research ranked HPE, NTT, Atos and Capgemini Engineering as market leaders, citing elements including a growing range of partnerships, in-house networking capabilities and focus on vertical markets.

Gergs stated the rankings should be a wake-up call for system integrators to launch private 5G services.

“Enterprises are still waiting for the 5G-enabled capabilities promised to them more than two years ago, and this disappointment makes them consider non-cellular technology alternatives.”

“Carriers must understand that the window of opportunity to gain traction in the enterprise 5G world is closing.”