ZTE has unveiled a new logo as part of a corporate repositioning to align its strategy with a broader focus on the ICT industry.

The company said the rounded design and lighter colour of the new logo align with its new “cool, green, open” philosophy. Its new slogan is ‘Tomorrow never waits’.

“ZTE is evolving our operations in line with our broader mobile ICT vision, which will help us deliver higher value to customers and drive the growth of our business,” said Shi Lirong, president and CEO of ZTE. “Our new M-ICT strategy will open up a total addressable market of $3.5 trillion, far bigger than the $350 billion telecoms market.”

The Shenzhen-based manufacturer of network gear and mobile devices has three main operating groups: carrier solutions, enterprise business and mobile devices.

The company said its new “cool, green, open” (CGO) laboratory will focus on emerging technologies such as wireless charging for vehicles. In September the world’s first large-scale public bus service powered by wireless charging technology, developed by ZTE and Dongfeng Automobile, entered service. The technology is based on electromagnetic induction and offers an alternative for charging electric vehicles, the company said.