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VR will be a game changer for education: HTC Vive

04 APR 2018

INTERVIEW: Education is the industry where VR may have the greatest impact, HTC Viveport president Rikard Steiber (pictured) told Mobile World Live as he shed light on how better content offerings in 2018 will boost consumer interest in the technology.

Steiber explained how childrens’ interest in subjects including history and geography can be enhanced by VR because it allows them to immerse themselves in different worlds such as “going into ancient Egypt and seeing how the pyramids were built”.

He explained VR is “the most memorable medium” because it involves all the senses and will also be a game changer in enterprise training.

Steiber said consumers have been “waiting for good content” for VR, adding Viveport now offers 3,000 compatible apps. The CEO predicted the technology will deliver “really high quality experiences” in 2018 based around gaming, education, social and enterprise applications.

“A slew of great content experiences means consumers will be more willing” to give VR a go, he said.

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