Vodafone updates on Spanish fibre plans

Vodafone updates on Spanish fibre plans

23 JUL 2014

Vodafone Group said it had updated an agreement with Orange Spain regarding a joint rollout of fibre-to-the-home, following the completion of its deal to acquire Ono today.

While the total number of homes and businesses to be jointly accessed by the two companies will remain at three million by September 2015, the pair will now build out their network to 1.2 million premises in areas which are not served by Ono, on top of the 800,000 sites they have already covered across 12 Spanish cities.

In addition, Vodafone will provide Orange with wholesale access to one million homes using the Ono network, to take the total back to the three million promised.

The amended agreement also provides a way for Vodafone and Orange to provide each other with wholesale access to other fibre deployments across Spain, on a reciprocal basis.

“Our partnership with Orange Spain complements our acquisition of Ono, ensuring a highly efficient deployment of high-speed broadband and bringing more competition to the Spanish market,” said Philipp Humm, Vodafone’s CEO of Europe.

At the time the deal was struck between Vodafone and Orange, joint coverage of 6 million households by September 2017 was also promised. No reference was made to this goal in today’s statement.

Vodafone’s deal to acquire Ono cost it €7.2 billion.


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