Vodafone Group agreed a six-year partnership with Google Cloud to jointly develop data services, which will then be sold to customers worldwide, as part of an increasing trend of collaboration between operators and technology giants.

In a statement, the two companies said they would build a new integrated data platform and distributed system, with Vodafone transferring data from its servers on to Google Cloud.

The move is designed to “drive the use of reliable and secure data analytics, insights and learnings,” explained Vodafone, which will then be used to support the rollout of new digital products and services for the operator’s customers.

Specifically, the companies will build an integrated data platform, dubbed “Nucleus”, which will house a system called Dynamo.

Through this, data will be driven throughout Vodafone to offer customers new, personalised products and services across multiple markets.

Dynamo, which is designed to be capable of processing 50 terabytes of data a day, will also allow the operator to tailor connectivity services for homes and businesses through smart network features, such as “sudden broadband speed boost”.

Up to 1,000 employees of both companies located in Spain, the UK and the US are collaborating on the project.

700 use cases
Vodafone believes it has already identified 700 use cases which could tap into the data platform, with the overall goal of supporting fact-based decision making, reduce costs and simplify and centralise operations.

Johan Wibergh, CTO at Vodafone, said the operator was “building a powerful foundation for a digital future”.

Nokia and Telus are among the major telecoms companies to strike recent deals with Google Cloud, as both the tech and telecoms industries seek to tap into vast data being generated by customers.