Verizon Business tied-up with Nokia to deliver a private 5G platform for global enterprises based in Europe and Asia-Pacific, a move the operator unit’s CEO Tami Erwin (pictured) predicted will drive disruption and innovation for businesses worldwide.

In a briefing, the operator said its new offering will allow enterprises to deploy private, industrial grade dedicated 5G networks, providing ultra-low latency and increased speed.

Verizon noted these networks will prove particularly useful for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution and logistics industries, providing customised communications on-site and removing the need to use public mobile networks.

Erwin said the move was “the next building block in how we really continue to unlock the power and the potential of 5G”, showing enterprises that by “working with partners like Verizon and Nokia”, they can deploy private networks “which really begin to unlock other capabilities.”

“If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that there’s never been a more critical time for mobility, broadband and cloud products and services”.

Verizon’s platform will use Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud private wireless network service, which provides a web-based interface covering service deployment and site management.

Nokia’s SVP of Global Solutions Brian Fitzgerald explained global enterprises require agility, efficiency and productivity which will be “unleashed” by private networks.