The US’ global campaign to prevent Chinese vendors supplying equipment for 5G networks moved to Israel, with media reports indicating a commitment to ban vendors deemed a security risk would be signed within weeks.

Reuters reported comments from an undisclosed US official stating a memorandum of understanding was set to be agreed by authorities in Israel over the issue, guaranteeing only equipment from “trusted vendors” would be used in operator 5G networks.

The news comes days after Israel completed its 5G spectrum auction, and as speculation mounts about the role of Huawei and ZTE in India as a result of its own tensions with China.

Huawei and ZTE have been the target of a lengthy campaign by US authorities seeking to persuade others to follow its lead and ban Chinese vendors supplying kit for 5G networks. This is in addition to actions preventing Huawei sourcing components from US companies, disrupting the vendor’s supply chain.

Under pressure from the US, countries including the UK and Australia have also issued 5G bans on Huawei, while several others are still conducting investigations into 5G supply chains, including those in the European Union as part of a wider European Commission security drive.

While the US has made a range of slurs against Huawei citing national security, the company has always maintained its equipment is not a risk and has called on the US to provide evidence to back-up its accusations numerous times.