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Turkcell chief urges operators to tap into AI, VR hype

12 JUL 2016

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) should not just be seen “as tools, toys and games”, but real life-enhancing applications that present a huge opportunity for operators to reconnect with a disillusioned customer base, claimed Kaan Terzioglu, Turkcell CEO.

Terzioglu, who has been a big advocate of integrating over-the-top services within the company’s core operations since joining Turkey’s largest operator last year, indicated he is now turning his attention to the next wave of technology innovation, all of which, he believes, will be enhanced by 5G networks.

Speaking in an interview with Mobile World Live in Brussels last month, the Turkcell chief said 5G networks, which could be capable of speeds of 10Gb/s, milliseconds of response times and up to 20 years of battery life, coming together with VR and AI, “gives us a unique opportunity to create humanity 2.0 applications”.

“We are talking about human-enhancing systems,” he said. “For example, we are working on droids that can replace the guide dog for blind people… things like this are going to make sure new technology is not just all about media industry tools or gaming industry tools, but really be used to improve the lives of people.”

In the interview, Terzioglu also opened up on Turkcell’s road towards launching its 4.5G network, and his vision for developing faster networks to enable operators to become more relevant to their customers.

In fact, Terzioglu slammed operator innovation. “Smartphones have 50-60 applications, fantastic applications that people use. There are three applications which are primitive and I’m embarrassed to say we are the provider of those: dial application, contact application and SMS. We need to get better. We have to provide better services and today’s infrastructure, which we have created, allows us to do that. That’s why I think the future of the telecoms industry, as a service provider, is bright and growth will be back in this industry.”

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Kavit Majithia

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