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Trump targets US emerging technology leadership

23 JUN 2017

US President Donald Trump (pictured) vowed to give US companies the competitive advantage needed for them to lead the way in new technological development, at an event to discuss emerging innovations including 5G and drones.

The American Leadership in Emerging Technology event was attended by executives from the country’s operators and technology sectors, including AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure.

It included sessions to discuss and demonstrate technologies in development, including 5G and drones.

“We’re on the verge of new technological revolutions that could improve, virtually, every aspect of our lives,” Trump said.

In a speech addressing the executives, he vowed to support US companies to: “Help unleash the next generation of technological breakthroughs that will transform our lives and transform our country, and make us number one in this field.”

“This is a very, very competitive field. You see what’s going on in China and so many other countries and we want to remain number one. We want to go to number one in certain areas where we’re not number one and we’re going to give you the competitive advantage that you need.”

Removing barriers
The White House event was part of what FCC chairman Ajit Pai dubbed Tech Week in the US. It also included the US president meeting with tech giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft to discuss the government’s technology systems earlier in the week.

Pai emphasised the importance of removing “barriers to innovation” – a frequent soundbite used during his tenure as FCC chief – in a blog published prior to Trump’s meeting on emerging technologies.

“In order for us to expand prosperity and extend economic opportunity to more Americans, we must remain on the cutting edge,” Pai said, adding: “This means that government at all levels must focus on removing barriers to innovation and ensuring that technological advances aren’t strangled by bureaucratic red tape.”


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