The US government detailed a plan to remove TikTok and WeChat from domestic app stores from 20 September, though the former will continue to function while negotiations to transfer control of its US operations continue.

Plans revealed by the Department of Commerce (DoC) mean TikTok will still be able to access internet hosting and transit services until 12 November, as parent ByteDance seeks to finalise a deal with Oracle to transfer control of the app.

WeChat, though, will be banned outright from 20 September: the DoC said payments made through the app will also be prohibited.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told Fox Business “for all practical purposes it will be shutdown in the US”, but “the basic TikTok will stay intact” for the moment.

However, if ByteDance fails to secure a deal by November, TikTok will be subject to the same fate as WeChat.

President Donald Trump signed executive orders in August targeting bans on both apps due to national security concerns.

TikTok subsequently filed a lawsuit challenging Trump’s mandate.