LIVE FROM CES 2016: Collecting data through connected devices isn’t enough, and IBM wants to infuse cognition into the Internet of Things, declared CEO Ginni Rometty, as she spoke about the partnerships IBM has made to achieve this.

According to Rometty, cognitive IoT needs a new platform, finding new forms of data (not just more data) such as weather and videos and creating the right ecosystem.

As part of this, IBM has upgraded Watson, a cognitive technology that processes information “more like a human than a computer”, and put it into products like a dinosaur toy that interacts with children and adapts its personality to theirs, and partnered with Airbus to collect half a billion bytes of data for every flight. This information will then be used to predict wear and tear of plane parts and even create a cognitive pilot.

She highlighted the fact that thanks to Watson’s help, Mediatronics is able to predict a hypoglycemic incident in diabetes patients up to three hours before it happens. The app that can achieve this will roll out in the summer.

SoftBank’s Kenichi Yoshita said the company’s robot Pepper now operates in bank branches as part of the customer service staff and in Nestle’s coffee shops as a coffee maker salesman.

“IBM is reinveinting itself as a cognitive solutions and cloud platform provider,” Rometty concluded.