Public cloud evangelist Danielle Royston released the first details of what her huge 6,000 square-metre space at MWC Barcelona 2021 may look like, claiming there is already a waiting list for companies wanting to demonstrate services on the so-called Cloud City.

In a series of tweets, Royston shared an early video design of the area, intended to house demos and meeting spaces.

The TelcoDR boss noted there are “70 plus” demos planned from more than 25 vendors, pledging to release details of those companies in due course.

Royston’s task is no easy feat: after securing Ericsson’s space in March she stated today that “when it’s time to actually build, we will have only 18 days to do it all”, which is “50 per cent less time than is usually given”.

And there are engineering challenges. Royston wants huge 6-metre glass panes which are difficult to source, and the roof of the structure weighs 15 tonnes, potentially requiring a crane to raise as one piece.

Cloud City will be one of the largest exhibitor spaces at the show, which runs from 28 June to 1 July.

In a media briefing shortly after signing the deal for the space, Royston said MWC Barcelona 2021 was an opportunity to educate operators on public cloud, as well as help deals get made, something the event is famous for.

She admitted the company spent “millions of dollars” to secure Ericsson’s space, but argued the RoI was equally enormous and offered a chance for event attendees to see “the public cloud future”, instead of the “legacy of the past”.