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T-Mobile US starts three-day blitz of ‘un-carrier’ initiatives; Legere slams rivals again

09 APR 2014

T-Mobile US announced on 9 April a new 4G plan targeting entry-level users, which is to be followed by a “rapid-fire roll-out of multiple initiatives” over the next two days as the operator continues its self-styled ‘un-carrier revolution’.

And in a blog berating rivals for lame responses to previous un-carrier measures undertaken by T-Mobile US, CEO John Legere (pictured) warned “we’ve hardly gotten started” in shaking up what he calls an “arrogant” and “out-of-touch” US wireless industry.

Under the Simple Starter plan, to be launched 12 April, T-Mobile US customers get unlimited talk and text – and up to 500MB 4G LTE data and tethering – for $40 a month.

The plan, emphasised T-Mobile US, has no data overage charges since it caps the 500MB limit.

“We are freeing consumers from the predatory practices of traditional US wireless companies, and that includes these plans that start with a low price and a low data limit but then hit you with insane fees if you send one too many emails,” said Legere. “It’s wrong! And I personally want to drive those ridiculous schemes out of this industry.”

Legere pointed to AT&T’s entry-level plan, whose costs immediately jump by $20 increments if customers exceed its 300MB limit. “That amounts to an obscene 44 per cent price hike on those customers least able to absorb overages and bill shock,” he said.

On what he saw as pale (and short-lived) imitation offers from rivals, Legere said he “didn’t know whether to laugh or cringe as they try to present themselves as anything other than the merciless greedy utilities they are”.

The CEO added that when Q1 2014 results are announced it will be “plain as day that we have got it right and they haven’t figured it out”.


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