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T-Mobile US ramps up partners for zero-rated offerings

06 APR 2016

T-Mobile US announced new content partners for both Binge On and Music Freedom, taking the number of services available on the zero-rated platforms to more than 100.

Binge On, which allows T-Mobile US customers to stream certain video without eating into their data allowance, albeit at a lower quality, added 10 new content services, including Dailymotion, EPIX and Nickelodeon, giving it a total of 60 partners.

The new partners follow Google’s YouTube and Play Movies, which last month also signed up to Binge On, following a high profile spat over the service.

At the end of last year, Google accused Binge On of degrading the quality of YouTube videos streamed on the operator’s network, even though it was not a partner at the time.

Binge On then took criticism from industry group Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which accused it of throttling all video, not just its partners.

T-Mobile US has since changed the terms and conditions of Binge On, making it easier for customers to opt out of the service if they wish to.

Music Freedom, which launched in 2014 and offers a similar service to Binge On, but for streaming music, added six new partners, including Amazon Music and ESPN Radio.

T-Mobile US said 90 billion songs have been streamed for free in total since the launch of Music Freedom, while customers are watching 2x more video from streaming sites on plans with limited data.

Since Binge On launched in November last year, more than 190 million hours of video has been streamed for free, claimed the operator.

Outspoken CEO John Legere trumpeted the company’s “un-carrier data” initiatives, while, true to form, he took a swipe at rivals.

“There’s AT&T and Verizon data, and then there’s T-Mobile data,” he said. “When you compare us to the duopoly, the un-carrier does data different. Un-carrier data isn’t sucked up when you stream music and video from the huge number of providers we work with. The duopoly, you burn through your data like crazy.”

Legere said that T-Mobile US customers also had the advantage of rolling over unused data for a year, compared to AT&T and Verizon’s offerings, which would see data disappear.

“T-Mobile US customers have saved more than 350 petabytes of data with Binge On and Music Freedom together. That’s more than 350 million gigabytes streamed free without using your high speed data,” he added.




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