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Sony head touts need for “wow” factor in CES keynote

07 JAN 2014

LIVE FROM CES 2014: Kazuo Hirai, president and CEO of Sony, used his keynote address to highlight how the company’s diverse interests come together as it looks to deliver products that “wow” consumers.

“The Sony Xperia Z1 harnesses the power of the ‘One Sony’ ethos. All of the Sony companies’ knowledge combined to make a mobile device that is truly the best of Sony, and something that only Sony could deliver,” Hirai said.

“Stunning visuals, coming from our world-class TV group. Ground-breaking digital image capturing systems from some the world’s best visual imaging engineers. Audio technology, games, apps and more,” he continued.

In a wide ranging presentation that highlighted its diverse activities across markets including digital imaging, content and gaming, the executive noted the need to deliver compelling products and experiences to users.

“It’s not just functional value that we need, but the deeper and more elusive emotional value,” Hirai noted.

“Advanced technologies and more elegant programming are important ways to seduce our senses of sight, sound and touch,” he said.

Noting the shift of content and services such as music, television “and a lot more” to the cloud, Hirai said that “the cloud itself is not the wow. The wow happens when your senses are engaged, when you see stunning visuals, when you hear the sounds, when you feel the balance of product and design in the device in your hand”.


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