Samsung Electronics began construction of an R&D complex in Giheung, South Korea, with plans to invest KRW20 trillion ($15.1 billion) in the facility by 2028.

In a statement, the Samsung noted the centre will cover 109,000 square metres, with a focus on researching next-generation devices and processes for memory and semiconductors, and developing technologies based on its long-term roadmap.

President Kye Hyun Kyung, who also heads the Device Solutions Division, said Samsung expects the facility “will lay the foundation for sustainable growth of our semiconductor business”.

Samsung’s Giheung campus is located near a device division complex which also houses R&D facilities.

The vendor began work on an R&D centre in Vietnam in 2020 focused on 5G and other next-generation network technologies and is also moving to construct a $17 billion chip manufacturing plant in the US in a bid to diversify its supply chain.