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Samsung lays out its IoT credentials

07 JAN 2016

LIVE FROM CES 2016: Consumer electronics giant Samsung once again used CES to outline its ambitions in the IoT space, claiming it can lead the industry because it creates the components that power the digital world as well as mobile devices, household appliances and more.

According to Dr WP Hong, President of Solution Business Unit, Samsung SDS, there are three key factors for IoT success: platform, devices and security.

The company will work with Microsoft to develop IoT devices based on Windows 10, and integrate with other companies developing hardware and services on Microsoft’s OS.

Terry Myers, executive VP for Windows at Microsoft, shared the stage to declare that the two companies “share a vision of millions of devices communicating with open protocols and open standards for developers and manufacturers”.

“Platform is integral for an IoT strategy and Windows 10 is a platform for all devices including the IoT,” he said.

Hong added that Samsung is working to develop a new generation of batteries to power “the billions of tiny yet highly connected devices that need an equally tiny yet extremely efficient power source.”

Fabrice Hudry, VP energy solutions at Samsung, explained that with the era of IoT also comes the era of the “battery of things”. Samsung is developing batteries that are ultra slim, light and bendable, such as the Stripy battery that has fibre-like flexibility and innovative energy density, just 0.3 3mm thick.

Its battery can be charged to 50 per cent in 15 minutes and this capability will enable “the IoT ecosystem to flourish”, he said.

Dr Hong said Samsung takes IoT data security extremely seriously as “there can be only one owner of this data, the customers”.

It has already developed Samsung Knox for mobile devices, a platform that it claims meets the standards of some of the most demanding governments. More recently it launched a solution that he said will be “to the home what Knox is to mobile”.

“When we all work together, IoT can be in sync with real life,” concluded Dr Hong.

Hong’s keynote follows last year’s event when the company predicted that 90 per cent of all its products will be IoT devices by 2017, reaching 100 per cent connectivity by 2020.


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