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Samsung goes big with Galaxy Note 10

07 AUG 2019

Samsung unveiled its largest smartphone to date, debuting a new Galaxy Note 10 line which features a revamped display, more cameras and double the standard storage of its predecessor.

DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Electronics Mobile division (pictured), at a launch event in New York City called the Note 10 “the ultimate phone for power users”.

For the first time, Samsung will offer the Galaxy Note in two sizes: a 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 10 and a 6.8-inch Note 10+, both with a near-bezeless infinity display. While the former is a touch smaller than the company’s 6.4-inch Galaxy Note 9, the latter is notably the largest display offered on a Samsung smartphone, beating out the 6.7-inch Galaxy S10 unveiled in February.

Camera upgrades took centre stage once again, as Samsung debuted a new triple rear camera set-up on the Galaxy Note 10 and quad-camera on the Note 10+, both with a 16MP ultra-wide, 12MP wide-angle and 12 MP telephoto lens. The latter arrangement also includes a depth-sensing camera.

Updated camera software will enable a new screen recorder feature; as well as AR Doodle to enhance photos with dynamic drawings; and a 3D Scanner on the Galaxy Note 10+, which will create instant 3D renderings using the depth-sensing camera.

Both will come with 256GB of storage as standard, doubling the 128GB offered in the Note 9, though the Galaxy Note 10+ will also be offered with 512GB of storage.

Additionally, a refreshed S Pen stylus will enable new customisable gesture controls, as well as handwriting to text conversion.

“The line between work and play has disappeared, and that means we need devices that can flow seamlessly between the two,” Samsung’s head of US product management Drew Blackard said.

Hidden behind all the additions was one notable omission: a headphone jack, which disappeared in the latest Note models.

Pricing with standard storage starts at $949.99 for the Galaxy Note 10 with 8GB of RAM and $1099.99 for the Note 10+ with 12GB of RAM, with availability in stores and online on 23 August.

A 5G variant of the Galaxy Note 10+ will also be available in the US through Verizon for $1,299.99 on the same date, with launches from other US operators to follow.



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