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Ofcom says UK set for white space first

10 OCT 2014

Ofcom, the UK’s telecoms regulator, said the country is well ahead with plans for white space technology — in fact it could roll out commercially in 2015, ahead of the rest of Europe.

Seven trials of white space technology are already taking place around the UK, using the gaps between frequency bands, according to the regulator. These efforts include fixed incumbent BT and computing giant Microsoft.

The latest trial to be released into the wild involves Google and ZSL London Zoo, in an effort which went live this week.

The partners have developed  a live webstream of animals including meerkats, Asian otters and giant Galapagos tortoises that is delivered via white space spectrum to viewers on Youtube.

Vendors MediaTek and 6Harmonics are also involved.

This is just the latest initiative to take advantage of a temporary licence from Ofcom, which sees white space technology as a means to address potential spectrum shortages.

Other trial applications have included early warning for flood defence, enhanced Wi-Fi coverage in urban areas and connectivity for ferries which have no wireless broadband coverage.

Following completion of the trials, testing and policy development, Ofcom said the technology could be rolled out during 2015.


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