INTERVIEW: Marc Halbfinger, CEO of PCCW Global (pictured), cited IoT as one of the key use-cases for network-as-a service (NaaS) offerings, but argued the full potential of the approach can only be unlocked through automation.

During the recent MWC Barcelona 2022, Halbfinger told Mobile World Live PCCW Global was focusing on uses spanning IoT, security and unified communications as-a-service (UCaaS), fields which he noted benefit the most from a unified approach combining the network, backbone and automation capabilities.

He noted combining cloud and network capabilities create a “community of value”, adding IoT is “one of the most meaningful use cases out there” for PCCW Global’s NaaS product.

PCCW Global acquired software company Console Connect in 2017, a move Halbfinger explained had enabled the company to transform from a telecoms operator into a technology-led platform.

The combination of Console Connect’s automation systems with PCCW Global’s network and backbone fuelled on-demand capabilities which customers can employ for cloud and application developments.

Halbfinger explained IoT is one of several technology communities the automated NaaS set-up enables, with businesses employing the approach to build their own ecosystems without intervention from Console Connect.

During the interview, Halbfinger also discussed the importance of providing a single point of access for all aspects of NaaS, including the underlying APIs.

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