Oppo entered the global foldable market with the international launch of Find N2 Flip, a smartphone which pitches it primarily against foldable market leader Samsung in the fight for sales for the new form-factor.

Find N2 Flip is Oppo’s first foldable device to be made available outside of its home market of China, where it also sells other foldable models.

Ahead of the global launch event today (15 February), Oppo has been heavily marketing the handset across social media and other mediums.

Find N2 Flip folds in a motion similar to Samsung’s Flip models and the revamped Motorola Razr, akin to a classic clamshell device. Oppo claims it has the largest “cover screen” of any flip phone, referring to the outer display used for notifications.

During the event, Oppo head of Find product line Peter Lee (pictured) noted it had focused on making the cover screen more useful than rival devices.

He said others sported front screens which were too small to be useful, claiming they were limited to “tiny notifications or heavily cropped images”.

Lee added Oppo had been worked with major app providers on delivering optimised front screen notifications.

Find N2 Flip uses the company’s second generation hinge, which Oppo claims has been certified to withstand 400,000 folds and unfolds at standard room temperature.

This, it notes, is equivalent to opening it 100-times a day for more than a decade. Oppo also claims the device outperforms peers in terms of battery life.

Find N2 Flip has a 6.8-inch screen when unfolded, 4300mAh battery, dual rear camera system, with the main unit at 50MP using a Sony IMX890 sensor and a 32MP front camera.

It runs an optimised version of MediaTek’s Dimensity 9,000+ chipset.

Find N2 Flip will be available in two colours, with orders starting today (15 February) through selected partner and retailers and availability due from 2 March.

Prices vary by market, but in the UK it is set to be sold for £849.