Samsung will face “some short term challenges, but nothing that will darken its long-term prospects”, following its Note 7 debacle, according to a new survey.

Research firm IDC quizzed 1,082 US consumers four days after Samsung halted production of its Note 7 smartphone, with the survey focused on current Samsung owners, past Samsung owners and smartphone owners which have never owned a Samsung branded smartphone.

Notably, the research captured only 24 Note 7 users, of which half said they will now replace their recalled phone with an Apple iPhone, but IDC said “data in those questions should be viewed as directional only”, given the small base.

More tellingly, according to IDC, a majority of respondents from the survey said the Note 7 recall would not impact future decisions to buy other, non-smartphone Samsung products such as televisions and appliances.

The research also showed that survey participants’ view of Samsung’s response to the Note 7 recall “was largely neutral to positive”, while 13 per cent hadn’t even heard about the recall when polled.

Ramon Llamas, research manager, wearables and mobile phones at IDC, said that while the Note 7 recall has been challenging for Samsung, the data indicates that “most consumers were unaffected by this”.

“For the minority of Samsung customers who are unlikely to purchase a Samsung smartphone in the future, the company has to win back consumer trust,” he said. “Thus far Samsung has offered monetary incentives, but, at the heart of the matter, consumers want to learn the root causes of the problem and how Samsung intends to fix them.”