Nokia touts 3D printing future

Nokia touts 3D printing future

18 JAN 2013

Nokia is planning to allow owners of its Lumia 820 Windows Phone smartphone to make their own shells for the device using 3D printing.

The company plans to release templates, case specs, recommended materials, and best practices for Lumia 820 owners to build alternative cases, according to Nokia Community & Developer marketing manager John Kneeland.

The 3D-printing Development Kit can be found on the Nokia Developer website.

In an interview with the Conversations with Nokia blog, Kneeland said a “rich, vibrant ecosystem” isn’t just about apps and services but also “hardware—physical things that enhance and personalize your experience with your phone”.

Nokia uses 3D printing internally for rapid prototyping and Kneeland said it could potentially sell templates for phones in the future that entrepreneurs can use to build phones.

Customisable options could include cases that are waterproof, glow in the dark or feature a solar charger.


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