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Nokia restarts O-RAN Alliance work

14 SEP 2021

Nokia rekindled its technical contribution to the O-RAN Alliance after the group offered assurances its work complied with US legislation, with the vendor’s mobile networks head stating its commitment was unwavering.

In a blog, Mobile Networks president Tommi Uitto (pictured) explained Nokia’s commitment to open RAN and the alliance remained as strong as when it first backed the initiatives. He pledged the company’s belief in the approach will not change in the future.

Acknowledging Nokia had to pause its activity with the alliance while “important legal issues were ironed out”, he said the vendor was ready to continue working with the group after it announced changes to its participation documents and procedures, “ensuring technical activities can continue in compliance with US law”.

Nokia hit the brakes on its work with the O-RAN Alliance at the end of August, citing concerns about information being shared with companies branded a potential national security risk by the US.

In a separate statement, the O-RAN Alliance explained its board approved changes it believes addresses such concerns.

Andre Fuetsch, CTO of AT&T and chair of the O-RAN Alliance, offered assurances the group operates in a manner which “promotes transparency and participation of our member companies in the development and adoption of global open specifications and standards”.

Deutsche Telekom SVP of strategy and technology innovation Alex Jinsung Choi, the alliance’s COO, added it remained “fully committed to working together in the alliance” to achieve its goals and objectives “as quickly as possible”.



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