Nokia expanded its Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) programme with the launch of new market-ready solutions, designed to help operators tap into additional verticals.

In a statement released ahead of MWC19 Barcelona, Nokia said its new “off-the-shelf” IoT packages will help operators win new business in vertical IoT markets, enable a faster time-to-market, and simplify set-up and operations of enterprise IoT services.

The move sees Nokia release four new solutions in total, all built on its WING infrastructure, with the focus on addressing opportunities in agriculture; livestock management; logistics; and asset management.

Nokia said the four new solutions will “drive new revenue with minimal investment and less risk” for operators.

The applications include IoT sensors, user applications and the development of business models suited to the specific sectors.

New solutions
Nokia’s smart “agriculture-as-a-service” solution is tailored for sensors to capture environmental, soil and crop data, which is then analysed to provide insights to help farmers manage crops efficiently.

For its livestock play, Nokia said tracking devices and biosensors monitor animal health and welfare to provide awareness on possible abnormalities, protecting valuable livestock and improving yield.

Logistics-as-a-service will use IoT sensors to track global movement and condition of goods through a supply chain, helping enterprises identify incidents to optimise delivery and logistics processes efficiently.

Finally, asset management connects different products globally, allowing enterprises to monitor the status and performance of their goods centrally.

Through its WING programme, which was launched at Mobile World Congress in 2017, Nokia provides global IoT connectivity and services support, along with managed services to offer operators a pay-as-you-grow business model.

Global head of WING at Nokia, Ankur Bhan, believes IoT is a growing opportunity for operators to win enterprise customers, and the new solutions will provide a boost for WING.

“We expect these vertical solutions to encourage more operators to connect to Nokia WING, expanding its global footprint and broadening the range of capabilities and services that will become available.”