A top Google EMEA chief criticised calls for large technology players to fund network costs, deriding the prospect as a decade old idea which could disrupt net neutrality, Reuters reported.

The comments apparently come from a speech viewed by Reuters ahead of being made by Google EMEA’s president of business and operations Matt Brittin at digital conference Tech and Politics Forum, an event organised by industry group ETNO and Financial Times.

Reuters noted the document highlighted Google’s record investing millions in internet infrastructure, which includes data centre equipment in Europe and subsea cables.

The executive also raised concerns any partial or full funding provided by Google and others could impact net neutrality and the future of the open internet in Europe.

Reuters’ report comes as operators and industry groups continue to apply pressure on regulators to get large technology companies to contribute to the cost of network infrastructure.

Arguments made by those supporting charging so-called big tech surround the fact infrastructure funded by operators underpin streaming and other services supplied by the companies.

A group including Vodafone Group, Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom inked a joint statement in 2021 outlining their argument.

In seperate article, Reuters reported the trio and more than ten others are renewing calls for contributions.

Meanwhile the European Commission is in the process of assessing the issue with speculation a consultation is likely to be opened in early 2023.