LIVE FROM CES 2016: Netflix is now available in an additional 130 countries and is working with phone companies to let users sign up and pay with a single click, announced CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix expanded its footprint beyond an initial 60 countries to regions as diverse as Azerbaijan, India and Nigeria, as Hastings pointed out it is now “everywhere but China, where we hope to also be in the future”.

Hastings said entertainment and technology are continuing to transform each other as they have done for over 100 years, from radio to broadcast TV, to cable and now internet TV.

He believes internet TV “allows us to redefine what is possible” and has created a revolutionary shift from corporate control to consumer control, as TV can now be watched at any time and on any device.

Key to this, of course, is internet speed. Hastings said the reason Netflix adoption is so high is not just that devices are getting smarter and cheaper and more widely adopted, but because the internet on them has become faster and more reliable.

He explained that Netflix engineers are working to compress data through advanced coding in order to deliver data fast and well on any device in any broadband condition.

Netflix has partnered with companies like Samsung, LG, Microsoft and Google and “helped them unlock the value of smart devices and along the way helped consumers discover the value of entertainment on demand”.

He added that Netflix is working with phone and cable companies around the world to allow consumers to sign up and pay for Netflix with a single click. However, he admitted that content rights and e-payments are a challenge.