Microsoft and Google move to patent peace

Microsoft and Google move to patent peace

01 OCT 2015

Microsoft and Google are to drop all pending patent lawsuits between them, including cases related to the Motorola Mobility business formerly owned by Google, ending a number of long-running actions between the two.

While the companies have not disclosed details of the settlement, it does seem to indicate that neither felt it had much to gain by continuing with the suits. Google and Apple ended their legal battles last year, in an action that similarly indicated that neither saw the benefits in pressing ahead with costly actions.

In a brief statement, Microsoft and Google now say they have “agreed to collaborate on certain patent matters and anticipate working together in other areas in the future to benefit our customers”.

FOSS Patents noted suggestions that under Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s attitude to its competitors is “fundamentally different”. And there is certainly the possibility that Nadella viewed the inherited actions as a distraction, as he continues with his efforts to reposition the company.


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