Lynk Global provided video proof of a test it claimed marked the first two-way voice calls on a satellite-to-phone service using standard phones and its low Earth orbit (LEO) birds, despite competitor AST SpaceMobile making the same claim in April.

Charles Miller, Lynk Global’s CEO, told Mobile World Live its first two-way call took place on 1 June. He disputed AST SpaceMobile’s claim by stating there is no video or audio proof the call took place.

“I don’t think they did it. I don’t think it is working.”

Lynk Global used Samsung phones to connect calls in real time to and from the company’s satellites.

Some of the calls in the video were to employees standing in the same field while others were from the company’s headquarters in the state of Virginia to another city in the same state.

There was also a satellite-based call across two locations in London.

In addition to testing two-way voice calls, the company noted in its video texting via satellite was also enabled.

Last month, Lynk Global announced a partnership with operator Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) for a beta trial of its SMS service and cell broadcast across the islands of the Republic of Palau.

Lynk Global patented technology in 2017 and started commercial testing in space in 2019. The service is designed to work on 2G, 4G and 5G technologies.