INTERVIEW: The Internet Society’s 2017 annual survey revealed the topmost concern for users is security, whereas previously it was access, the organisation’s president and CEO said.

Speaking to Mobile World Live, Kathryn Brown (pictured) pointed out “there is an emerging, very serious question” in the minds of users about whether they can trust the technology, the device they are using, the transmission of their own data, as well as who is holding it and how.

As for who is responsible for ensuring the internet is secure, Brown believes the onus lies with “the entire ecosystem” from users to software makers, to those in charge of transmitting and storing data.

Governments too, need to make this a priority. At the moment, they face challenges in terms of balancing the need for user privacy and security with requirements to access data citizens may not be comfortable sharing in the name of public safety.

Brown also noted with China now having 770 million people with mobile devices it offers “enormous opportunities”, but operators and equipment makers may face challenges regarding how to keep up with the demand.

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