Backed by heavyweight industry figures, Ingenu claims to be building the first nationwide wireless network in the US dedicated solely to M2M and IoT.

Formerly known as On-Ramp Wireless, the rebranded firm made its debut at the CTIA Super Mobility show in Las Vegas.

Despite involving former mobile industry execs, Ingenu took a swipe: “Cellular networks, which handle the bulk of M2M/IoT connectivity, will not be able to meet the demand as data requirements continue to grow.”

Its announcement went on: “In addition, 2G networks, upon which many existing M2M/IoT applications are based, are being phased out by carriers, leaving many applications with no clear upgrade path”.

Self-consciously dubbed the Machine Network, Ingenu’s infrastructure is based on its own random phase multiple access (RPMA) technology and will operate on unlicensed spectrum. French firm Sigfox is working down similar lines in Europe.

The firm’s new CEO is John Horn, formerly president of IoT firm Raco Wireless and M2M director of T-Mobile US. Its board has a starry look to it with the appointment of Richard Lynch, former CTO of Verizon Communications, as chairman.

In addition, Ivan Seidenberg, former CEO of Verizon Communications, and Dr. Andrew Viterbi, former CTO of Qualcomm, will continue their involvement with the company in board and advisory roles.

“We are not beholden to technology sunsetting as is the case with cellular 2G networks. The power of the Machine Network lies in its RPMA technology, which will drive secure M2M and IoT connectivity with superior coverage and capacity at a greater value than alternative solutions,” claimed Horn.

The firm also claims to have significant backing.

Ingenu’s network build out has already started. In January 2016, metropolitan areas, including Phoenix and Dallas, will be among the first cities connected via the firm’s IoT network. Buildout will continue across the country through the end of 2017.

The firm has, in its previous On-Ramp Wireless incarnation, deployed its RPMA technology in international markets.