Intel head brands 2015 a “turning point” in computing

Intel boss brands 2015 a “turning point” in computing; unveils ‘Curie’

07 JAN 2015

LIVE FROM CES 2015: Brian Krazanich, CEO of Intel, took to the keynote stage at CES2015 to describe the coming year as an “important turning point” when new technologies will change the way we interact with devices, using the term “Computing Unleashed”.

Echoing his keynote at last year’s CES, much was also made of Intel’s efforts in the wearables space, which he described as “where mobile computing becomes personal”. And a third feature of the new computing model is “intelligence everywhere, where everything becomes smart and connected”.

In a presentation that featured numerous demonstrations of future technologies, Krzanich said: “Up until now, computing has been defined by interaction with a screen, a mouse, and a keyboard. We are limited to just flat surfaces, and you could at most adjust, change, interact. But this is about to change.”

“We are going to experience Computing Unleashed, where computing gains a new dimension. From that two dimensional world, to a three dimensional world. Computers are gaining senses. They are going to be able to see, and hear. And that will result in their ability to understand. They are becoming wirefree, giving new meaning to portable and mobile,” he said.

With regard to wearables, Krzanich showcased a successor to Edison, unveiled last year at CES2014, which was “basically a computer the size of a postage stamp”.

CurrieThe Intel chief said: “As engineers, we knew that we could do better. We knew we could make computers even smaller. And I have to tell you we have done it. We have made them so small, they are like the button on this jacket” – revealing the button sized mini-computer called Curie (pictured).

Curie includes processor, Bluetooth LE radio, sensors and battery charging technology.

Noting that the product is “just out of our labs”, Krzanich showed it running a step-counting app during his presentation.

“This is just the first prototype of Curie. Curie is really meant to be a platform. It will be available in the second half of 2015. We are really excited to bring Curie to our partners. With this product, they can deliver wearables in a range of form factors – rings, bags, bracelets, pendants, and yes, even the buttons on our jackets,” he said.


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