Huawei continued to press Australian authorities to overturn a decision effectively banning the Chinese vendor from participating in 5G rollouts, warning the country was already being left lagging in the global race to deploy the technology.

The Chinese company issued a submission to Australia’s House of Representatives, as part of a parliamentary inquiry into the adoption of 5G, stating countries in Europe and Asia have “near nationwide coverage already in place”, while a vast number of major cities in Australia do not yet have any access.

Huawei further warned the ban, implemented in 2018 on security grounds, stifled competition, pushed up costs and increased the likelihood regional and rural customers would receive “limited or no 5G services”.

It estimated costs had increased by 20 per cent to 40 per cent for operators as a result of the ban, making them less likely to offer services in rural areas.

“Australian farmers will be waiting years to get an opportunity to benefit from productivity gains. Many may never get the opportunity, especially farmers on the fringe of the current 4G network,” said Huawei.

Ban Ericsson, Nokia
Huawei’s submission follows a statement released by the company immediately after the block, in which it said Australia’s move to lock it out of 5G infrastructure rollouts was politically motivated.

In argued the same in its recent statement: “If the potential influence of the Chinese government is the reason for blocking Huawei from Australia’s 5G build, then such a ban should be considered for our competitors.”

“With or without Huawei, Australia’s 5G technology will be made in China in factories half owned by the Chinese government.”

Along with Australia, the US and Japan have taken similar action on Huawei and compatriot ZTE, alleging the companies install backdoors in their equipment to spy for the Chinese state.

However, many European countries, including the UK and Germany, look likely to allow Huawei to participate in some elements of 5G networks.

Huawei has always maintained its innocence over the claims, and added in its submission that it builds its technology with an emphasis on cybersecurity.