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Huawei head cautions on 6G hype

24 SEP 2021

LIVE FROM HUAWEI CONNECT 2021: Huawei rotating chairman Eric Xu (pictured, second from left) advised against focusing on 6G targets in the early stages of its development, to ensure it is not dismissed as yet another overhyped technology.

Xu explained there is a risk of repeating past mistakes in terms of creating unrealistic expectations for the latest technology, citing the hype cycle which accompanied 5G and resulting in negative attention.

The executive noted “we run the risk of 6G being politicised as well”.

He stated the industry needs a favourable environment to stay focused on the R&D and define the standards. “This will enable the technology to progress enough to move forward from about 2030.”

Xu recently committed to providing the company’s 6G team with the necessary investment to ensure leadership in the new technology.

The rotating chairman also commented about the potential for further US restrictions, explaining that since early 2019, Huawei has “been getting used to US sanctions, and no matter how many restrictions it adds, we will get used to coping with them”.

He noted it will take a number of years to make up for the loss of revenue from its handset division, which was hit by US sanctions.



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