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Google AI aspirations go beyond voice

09 OCT 2017

INTERVIEW: Google’s aspirations in the artificial intelligence (AI) space are centred on “a much more natural interaction for users” Jason Douglas, director of product management for the company (pictured), explained.

With Google chief Sundar Pichai having talked of the search giant becoming an “AI-first” company, and Google Assistant being a key product focus, Douglas said “it’s really about what is easiest and most natural – and so it’s not exclusively voice”.

Google Assistant is compatible with other forms of input, such as typing and tapping, but there are cases where “voice is the most natural interaction”. The executive cited “in the car during the commute, relaxing on the couch at home” as examples of when voice is more convenient than taking out a phone, unlocking it, and then making an input.

The challenge, he said is to “absorb all this new technology, technological innovation, but still create simple, great products that people love and are easy to use”.

With Google Assistant being included on home devices from Google and partners, as well as Android smartphones, Douglas said having a natural interaction across products is important: “it’s all just living your life and getting things done”, he said.

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Interview: Google



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