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Google opens up Project Fi

08 MAR 2016

Google dropped its “invitation-only mode” for Project Fi, the company’s mobile internet service, with the programme now available to anyone in the US.

Project Fi, which launched 10 months ago, allows users to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and LTE networks of T-Mobile US and Sprint, depending on which is fastest at a particular location, and had been available on a selected basis, with Google setting a criteria for access once an application was received.

In a blog post, Google’s product manager for Project Fi, Simon Arscott, announced the decision to open up the service, adding the company was “excited to welcome our next wave of customers”.

High quality Wi-Fi
In the post, Arscott also opened up on some of the trends Google had seen from the selected number of customers using the service over the past ten months.

Data showed that more than 15 per cent of customers used Project Fi abroad, with customers collectively visiting 110 of 120 supported countries, “all while paying the same rate for data that they would in the US”.

Google also said that there was a lot of high quality public Wi-Fi, with over 50 per cent of Project Fi customers connecting to hotspots on a weekly basis.

People also like to track their data, according to the internet giant, with 90 per cent of people using Project Fi monitoring usage throughout the month. On average, Project Fi users consumed 1.6GB data per month.

New potential Project Fi subscribers are being offered LG’s Nexus 5X smartphone, which supports the service, for a discounted $199, up until April.


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