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Genband: Forget IoT, operators must prepare for the ‘Exchange of Everything’

24 OCT 2016

VIDEO INTERVIEW: The Exchange of Everything is a “machine to machine to machine to human” connection, which is what operators will have to contend with going forward, according to Patrick Joggerst, EVP of global sales and marketing with US vendor Genband.

He explained that the company’s CEO, David Walsh, came up with the term because he had his foot in both financial services and technology and noticed the heavy interaction, for instance, between traders and machines in the stock exchange.

He also said the opportunity for operators in the Internet of Things space lies in the rich applications being developed, serviced by the cloud.

Customers will want contextual information within these apps and “carriers are going to have to learn how to work well together in very rich ecosystems” to serve them, as they become more demanding with time.

Joggerst also spoke about the importance of having security “at the device level, at the interconnected network level and at the data centre level,” adding that security is “one of the biggest issues that we have to crack”.

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