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FCC to press on with auction plan despite budget row

02 JAN 2019

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vowed to continue work on scheduled spectrum auctions, as it prepared to temporarily close down most of its other operations tomorrow (3 January).

US government agencies including the FCC are currently subject to a temporary reduction in central funding due to disagreements between politicians over the allocation of Federal funds. Cash for US President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall between the country and Mexico is the headline sticking point.

While several government functions not related to critical activities such as security closed in December, the FCC had continued as normal.

In a statement, the FCC said if the partial lapse in funding continued it would close most operations during tomorrow with the exception of work required for “protection of life and property”. Activities related to spectrum auctions, it added, would also continue as it was funded by auction proceeds rather than centrally.

The commission initiated an auction of 28GHz spectrum in November. That proceeding is scheduled to be followed by a 24GHz auction upon its close.



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