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Ericsson promises to cut build time in half

30 NOV 2016

Ericsson introduced a new product that it claims can dramatically speed up the network build process, as operators look towards 5G.

As well as faster rollout, the vendor is promising a quicker return on investment. For such a promising-sounding initiative, Ericsson is somewhat sparse with details about Accelerated Network Build. It said the initiative includes a cloud-based toolkit, “with automatisation and streamlined processes”, alongside other, unspecified, technical innovations.

Build time is cut by 50 per cent, as well as a boost in quality by reducing the number of site visits by 70 per cent. Ericsson also promises 99 per cent first-time right delivery.

The company says it has already piloted the product with operators in both developed and emerging markets, where it has been deemed a success.

Ericsson’s own recent Mobility Report forecast a rapid take up for 5G, putting pressure on operators to deliver fast rollouts. 5G also requires a high density infrastructure, another burden for operators.

Part of the new product is Ericsson’s Network Deployment Delivery Platform, a cloud-based platform for build services that was released in September. This involves a more streamlined two-phased deployment, including offsite preparation and a single execution phase where activities are conducted concurrently on site.

In addition, optimised supply flow reduces the time needed on site, the company said, while remote tools and activities can take real-time control of the rollout.

Ericsson could certainly do with a positive response from its new kit. The Swedish vendor is struggling financially (cutting costs and jobs) as rival Huawei continues its impressive growth. Like Ericsson, Huawei is putting a major focus on moving network technology to the cloud.


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